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GAIA starts Think Tank which brings together geniuses from around the world

Think Tank Collective Creativity

We are passionate about many very different disciplines. As dreamers and practitioners from different worlds, we fight for good times for ourselves and future generations. Among us there are scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and politicians who perceive reality in different ways. GAIA creates a Think Tank, where combined experience, multidisciplinary passions and talents are to contribute to civilization innovations.

The times we live in are unique and fascinating. At the same time, the present decade is the last bell for the chances of our civilization. We are at a historic crossroads and we are still not sure which paths will be the better choice. Therefore, as societies, we must wisely and responsibly take each next step. The most important challenges - the exhaustion of the possibilities of classical economics and political systems, the technological singularity, climate change, new diseases, the disappearance of privacy - require much more urgent action than we thought until recently. The dizzying pace of technology development will surely create new threats beyond our current imaginations. All the more so, we must create an understanding and symbiosis between ethical machines and people.

Think Tank members will be selected people with great scientific and business achievements on a global scale. Their goal is to respond to the challenges of the world that humanity is unable to cope with on its own. The problems of the present day are too complex and complicated to be solved by a single genius or even a team of the brightest people. That is why today we need not only global cooperation, but also a new model of creativity. GAIA is an Open Innovation Platform that uses collective creativity - that is, combining human creativity with the potential and computing power of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, which will be not only a supercomputer focused on the greatest efficiency and speed of problem solving. Its priority will be the good of the entire existence, not only of selected groups of people.

Several people undertook to work in this area and we combined them into the Think Tank Steering Committee. They will choose the appropriate members of Think Tank, will watch over the quality and structure of the research process and face the challenges that we will meet on our way. It is with great pleasure that we present to you the composition of our Steering Committee:

Robert Kroplewski – Chair and Director of the Think Tank

David Hanson

Edward Pyrek

Nina Meyerhof

Mark Stahlman

Domen Kocevar

Robert Ługowski

We will publish information on GAIA Think Tank members and our new partners on an ongoing basis on our website and on social media. The meeting of the first 12 members of Think Tank will be held in the first quarter of 2022.