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Masters & Robots with GAIA

Masters & Robots with GAIA

How can we make technologies that surround us become emotion-aware and our interactions with them more personalized, relevant, and authentic? To develop systems based on AI, which will have a profound understanding of human needs and behaviour, we need to equip them with empathy, as they must generate real-time insights that arise from emotional intelligence, voice, and text communication. During this edition of Masters & Robots, five global experts will discuss what empathetic assistants are capable of today and what will they be able to do tomorrow. They will also tell us what we should do to avoid building bias into those systems and prevent them from crossing previously identified moral, privacy, and ethics lines.

The GAIA Foundation is the Content Partner of Master & Robots 2021 edition. We are going to be represented by David Hanson in the panel discussion about Empathetic Assistants.

David Hanson Founder & CEO of Hanson Robotics and Founder of GAIA. Title of the panel is “Empathetic Assistants -  Benefits and Risks of AI Equipped with Empathy”  

Masters & Robots is the most impactful tech conference and the boldest business festival in the CEE region. Held annually since 2017, is focused on how the business world must adapt in the face of accelerating transformation. The aim is to educate on what does the future hold and empower the visionaries to build the solutions for a social impact and the better tomorrow.

Masters & Robots is a unique blend of innovation, digital disruption, creativity, leadership, technology and entrepreneurship.

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