Development of digital communication tools

Service goal

The advisory service involves designing and developing a communication strategy for a company or organization in the context of today's digital tools.


The digital communication advisor will work with the client to understand their business objectives and communication needs. The advisor will then suggest tools that will help the client achieve their online communication goals. This may include developing a marketing strategy, such as advertising campaigns, as well as customer outreach strategies, such as email marketing, social media campaigns, newsletters, instructional videos, or influencer campaigns. The digital communication advisor will also assist in selecting the appropriate platforms and tools so that the client can effectively reach their target audience. After developing the strategy, the digital communication advisor may also assist in monitoring and analyzing campaign results to adjust the approach and optimize outcomes. The service budget was constructed based on market analyses and the daily practice of the service provider, as well as consultations, discussions, and personal experience in collaborating with companies.


After using the digital communication advisory service, the company or organization will have a personalized and effective communication strategy tailored to today's digital tools. As a result, the company or organization will be able to communicate better with current and potential customers, increasing their visibility, engagement, and conversion in the online environment.

Benefits for SMEs will include:

  1. Understanding objectives and needs: The company will have clearly defined communication objectives and an understanding of which digital tools will best help achieve them.
  2. Optimization of digital tools: The company will use the most suitable digital tools and platforms for itself, allowing for more effective targeting of the audience.
  3. Effective campaigns: Thanks to developed strategies, such as advertising campaigns, email marketing, or social media campaigns, the company will increase its online visibility and improve customer interactions.
  4. Monitoring and analysis: The company will be able to track the results of its online activities, allowing for ongoing strategy adjustments and action optimization.
  5. Expert support: The company will have the support of an experienced advisor who will assist at every stage of the process, from understanding needs, through tool selection, to results analysis.