GAIA is launching a 200k EUR start-up contest for AI solutions promoting human development

May 8, 2023
GAIA is launching a 200k EUR start-up contest for AI solutions promoting human development

Join the Rebels to win 20k EUR prize and 180k EUR idea acceleration support

The Global Artificial Intelligence Association (GAIA) is partnering with Dictador to launch a start-up contest with a 200k EUR award. “Join the Rebels” honours AI-powered solutions that use gamification and flow state to support human psychological, emotional and intellectual development. The contest is a result of Virtual Florence session that took place on March 14th 2023 in Salzburg.
Submissions of both individuals and teams will be accepted until the end of July 2023. The applications will be evaluated based on innovation, technical feasibility, business potential and compliance with UNESCO & OECD Trustworthy AI guidelines. The finalists will be revealed by September and the winner announced in October at the Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto. The winner will receive  20k EUR and additionally 180k EUR for the idea acceleration provided they undertake the product development. The most impactful proposal will also be awarded with a mentoring programme developed by the iMind Institute. The above will be based on the Peak State Experience and Group Flow protocols. 

GAIA to promote positive social impact and trustworthy AI technology

GAIA’s contest presents an unique opportunity for innovators to bring their Artificial Intelligence-driven concepts to the next business stage. Participants will create a gamification and flow state based solution promoting pro-social behaviour, cooperation, responsibility, self-esteem, sustainability, art and science. The innovative idea should feature a two-way, human-AI feedback loop to facilitate the development of more effective AI technology. It’s worth mentioning that the concept for “Join the Rebels' was born during the AI-humans brainstorm. The latest Virtual Florence session during Salz21 was attended by global experts and Mika: the first AI CEO for Dictador.
“Join the Rebels” promotes trustworthy, moral AI solutions and safety in psychological, social, and practical sense. The initiative encourages innovators to showcase their revolutionary ideas and also to consider the ethical implications of their proposals. With this holistic approach GAIA drives the development of AI technology that is both technically feasible and socially responsible.

Innovation meets ethics: GAIA, iMind Institute and Virtual Florence in the new era of AI

"Join the Rebels is more than just a start-up contest. It is a call to action to shape the future of AI in a responsible and meaningful way. This initiative strongly aligns with GAIA's mission to foster technological innovations that benefit different communities. As an impact start-up we are committed to making a smart difference to all of us. We are thrilled to partner with Dictador - the award sponsor and the iMind Institute to bring this vision to life. I personally invite all innovators to join us in creating a more sustainable, just, and equitable society. We are excited to see the groundbreaking ideas that will emerge from this collaboration" - said Damian Ciachorowski, GAIA CEO

"It’s a great honour to be part of this inspiring project from the beginning. We at iMind Institute strongly believe that Collective Creativity can catalyse revolutionary concepts. I am convinced that our mentoring program will help the winner to unlock the full potential of their idea." - added Edi Pyrek, GAIA and iMind Institute co-founder 

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