Domen Kocevar

Co-Founder of One Humanity Institute

Studied Sociology-Theology at the University of Maribor. Working on Ph.D thesis One Humanity. He is co-founder with dr.Nina Meyerhof of the One Humanity Institute in Auschwitz-Oswiecim, Poland and One Humantiy Bakery. He is part of the international group called Evolutionary Leaders. He founded and is a director of Theosophical Library Of Alma.M.Karlin, which is a place of exploration towards needed new paradigm, with more than 12.000 monographs on all religions, spiritual paths, philosophy, sociology, new science-economy-community living approaches. Recently he initiated a creative-caring-community-coworking space named 2030 in Slovenia as well he started a medical clinic Paracelzus that bridges alophatic medicine with newest science and traditional heritage.


The best private investors in 2021 will be awarded in the Business Angel of the Year competition

Business angels, i.e. private investors who support startups through 'smart money' - capital, as well as knowledge, experience and access to a network of contacts - help young companies enter new stages of development.
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Masters & Robots with GAIA

How can we make technologies that surround us become emotion-aware and our interactions with them more personalized, relevant, and authentic?
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Road to IGF 2021 - "Ethics in Technology" conference

UN Internet Governance Forum in December in Katowice, Poland. And already on May 31 one of the preceding events, with participation of world-class experts - the "Ethics in Technology" conference. You are invited!
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