Mark Stahlman

President of the Center for the Study of Digital Life

Biologist, technologist, financial analyst, strategist and organizer.  In 2015, he co-founded the Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL), which was spun-out of analysis done for the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA).  Co-author/editor of the CSDL journal Dianoetikon on the “Ecology of the Inner Senses.”  Executive Producer of the drama “Romano Guardini & Marshall McLuhan in Dialogue.”  Guest editor of the Renascence journal's Special issue “H. Marshall McLuhan: A Centenary Tribute.”  Lecturer for 52 LIving Ideas's 8-week course “Three Spheres: East, West and Digital.”  Co-author of “The End of Memes, or McLuhan 101” and “Making Sense of a World in Transition.”  He teamed with a Chinese NGO to organize a “Dialogue of Civilizations” at the UN.  CSDL has also organized the strategic advisory firm Exogenous, Inc., and Trivium University.  He has two incomplete PhDs, one in Theology from the University of Chicago and another in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin.  A retired Wall Street analyst/banker, he was closely associated with Sun Microsystems and led the IPO team for America Online (AOL).  His “godfather” was Norbert Wiener and considers his work on AI to be an extension of Wiener's “The Human Use of Human Beings” (1950).


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Masters & Robots with GAIA

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Road to IGF 2021 - "Ethics in Technology" conference

UN Internet Governance Forum in December in Katowice, Poland. And already on May 31 one of the preceding events, with participation of world-class experts - the "Ethics in Technology" conference. You are invited!
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