What do Collective Intelligence Workshops and Invisible College bring to the table? The synergy of human creativity and the experience of tens of thousands of generations with the fantastic power of machines and quantum computers, is the inevitable future. However, to find solutions to the unsolvable problems, another element is needed: aligning AI with human values. As AI’s autonomy increases, it is crucial to ensure the safety and accountability of its design. To create AI that follows human ethics, some difficult questions must be answered:
  • What does it mean to be ethical?
  • How to ensure that ethics evolve with technology and allow diversity of opinions?
  • What the implementations of ethics in AI development should consist of?
  • How to evaluate ethical consequences of both human and AI decisions?
GAIA: Collective Intelligence Workshops and Invisible College
GAIA Collective Creativity

addressing moral challenges in AI development

Evolution of  collective creativity

These are the challenges that the Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance (GAIA) aims to tackle. To achieve this, GAIA collaborates with the international multidisciplinary think-tank that unites brilliant minds from around the world. It consists of experts in various fields such as science, technology, philosophy, and art. Practitioners and visionaries are engaged in the development of research topics relevant to global challenges. Subsequently, the involvement of Virtual Florence (Collective Intelligence Workshops) and the Invisible College is initiated.

Modern Virtual Florence is an international group of top experts meeting during Collective Intelligence Workshops and focus groupsA dynamic and diverse set of participants provide valuable insights and information that advance the progress of our research process.This tool leverages the collective creativity to uncover new solutions and perspectives.

Uniting human expertise and AI:

Virtual Florence (Collective Intelligence Workshops)

Virtual Florence is a modern version of the Renaissance era's Florence, where artists and writers came together to share their ideas and knowledge. It has been fueled by the individual genius of renaissance men, collective wisdom and the unlimited potential of AI. The goal is to better understand the world and ourselves through the synergy of human creativity and the computing power of AI.

The first session of Virtual Florence was held in May 2022 at the headquarters of the iMIND Institute in Warsaw - read more. The next meeting of the Virtual Florence took place at the Salz21 Conference on March 14-16, 2023. During this session, experts in the fields of science, business, spirituality, art and technology joined forces with a humanoid AI. Their work was held under the guidance of iMIND Institute's innovative collective creativity protocol.

Collective Intelligence Workshops
Invisible College, Collective Intelligence Workshops

Fostering collaboration & encouraging new perspectives

Invisible College

The Invisible College is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines: both enthusiasts and professionals. Its members connect with each other through platforms for open learning such as Omdena. By fostering ideas exchange and collaboration, the Invisible College encourages new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking. This approach is crucial in addressing complex problems such as climate change, pandemics, and economic instability. The Invisible College remains adaptable and responsive to society’s ever-changing needs which is essential in tackling the ever-changing issues we are facing today.The results obtained by Virtual Florence’s experts and Invisible College’s members are shared with the think-tank. Following this, the next course of action is determined.