alliance on compassionate and decentralized AI

GAIA Guardians

Welcome to the realm of GAIA Guardians, a distinguished alliance comprising hopefulindividuals and world-class experts, united by a shared vision of decentralized andcompassionate AI. In a rapidly advancing technological landscape, the GAIA Guardiansstand as stalwart protectors, ensuring that the power of AI is wielded responsibly andwith utmost regard for human welfare.GAIA Guardians made its inaugural appearance at the esteemed Global AI for GoodSummit in Geneva, where David Hanson took the stage to introduce the visionaryconcept of a global partnership devoted to decentralized and compassionate AI.Subsequently, an inaugural gathering of prospective members was held, signifying thefoundation of this alliance.Below you will find the principles of our alliance.


GAIA Guardians is the initiative of GAIA Foundation. The Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance (GAIA) is a multidisciplinary impact start-up which uses collective creativity to develop decentralized artificial intelligence with compassion.

Our goal is to identify and analyze the ethical challenges and opportunities of AI, including the development of empathetic AI algorithms. We investigate a range of ethical issues related to AI, such as privacy concerns and bias in decision-making. Lack of accountability for actions taken by artificial intelligence and the long-term impact on society are also studied. What’s more, in GAIA we look into the potential for AI to be used in ways that violate ethical principles.

Leaders of the alliance

● David Hanson | GAIA Founder & Hanson Robotics CEO

● Edi Pyrek | GAIA Founder & Chief Visionary Officer


GAIA Guardians is a remarkable alliance, comprising individuals across four distinct categories: business, technology, spirituality, and science. At its core, the team embodies a diverse and dynamic composition:

  • 50% Holders of Advanced Degrees: A perfect balance of academic excellence, driving innovation and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Gender Balance Advocates: Committed to promoting inclusivity and diverse perspectives.
  • Global Representation: Embracing talents from all continents, fostering a truly international outlook.
  • Ethical Leaders: Individuals with unwavering principles, ensuring AI benefits humanity ethically.

Pooling together expertise from various domains, GAIA Guardians features:

  • Innovative Business Leaders: Pioneering strategic thinkers, envisioning AI's potential for positive impact.
  • Cutting-edge Technologists: Tech-savvy experts at the forefront of AI advancements.
  • Spiritual Guides: Fostering a harmonious integration of AI and human values.
  • Accomplished Researchers: Scientific minds dedicated to exploring AI's ethical dimensions.

With collaborative efforts, GAIA Guardians strive to:

  • Embrace Ethical AI: Ensuring AI aligns with compassionate and human-centric values.
  • Tackle Complex Challenges: Addressing biases, fairness, and societal implications.
  • Forge a Global Impact: Influencing policies worldwide to drive responsible AI development.

Together, GAIA Guardians envisions a future where AI harmonizes with humanity, nurturing innovation while safeguarding our shared values.

Rights and Responsibilities

By upholding these rights and responsibilities, team members of GAIA Guardians contribute to a collaborative and forward-thinking environment, advancing the noble mission of ethical and compassionate AI for the greater good.

Rights of Team Members:

  • Respect and Recognition: Every team member has the right to be treated with respect and acknowledged for their unique contributions and expertise.
  • Open Communication: Team members have the right to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback openly without fear of reprisal.
  • Equal Opportunities: All team members are entitled to equal opportunities for growth, development, and participation in decision-making processes.
  • Work-Life Balance: Team members have the right to a supportive environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance.
  • Access to Resources: Each member should have access to the necessary resources and tools to fulfill their roles effectively.
  • Safe and Inclusive Environment: Team members have the right to work in an inclusive and safe environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Responsibilities of Team Members:

  • Commitment to Ethics: Upholding ethical principles and ensuring that AI development aligns with compassionate and responsible practices.
  • Collaboration: Actively participating in team activities, sharing knowledge, and collaborating for collective success.
  • Respect for Diversity: Valuing and respecting diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences within the team.
  • Accountability: Taking ownership of individual tasks and responsibilities, delivering high-quality work, and being accountable for outcomes.
  • Adaptability: Being open to change, embracing new ideas, and adapting to evolving AI technologies and challenges.
  • Supporting the Vision: Working towards the shared vision of GAIA Guardians, promoting ethical AI and its positive impact on humanity.


  • Cutting-Edge Collaboration: Joining a team of global experts offers the opportunity to collaborate with top-notch professionals at the forefront of AI development, stimulating intellectual growth.
  • Impactful Innovations: Working with a team of high-level experts allows for the pursuit of groundbreaking AI innovations with real-world, global impact.
  • Access to Unique Resources: Being part of a renowned team opens doors to exclusive resources, data, and technologies, facilitating cutting-edge research and development.
  • Global Recognition: Membership in a prestigious team elevates an expert's reputation in the AI community, attracting attention and respect from peers and industry leaders.
  • International Network: Engaging with experts from different continents fosters an extensive and influential international network, enabling valuable collaborations and partnerships.
  • Pioneering Transformative AI: Being part of a global team of experts means contributing to transformative AI initiatives that shape the future of technology and society.


These products will showcase the team's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI research, fostering global collaborations, and spearheading initiatives that shape the future of AI in a responsible and impactful manner.

The team will create the following products:

  • Research Papers: The team will produce cutting-edge scientific articles and research papers exploring various aspects of AI, its ethical implications, and technological advancements.
  • Metaverse Projects: Embracing the forefront of technology, the team will design and develop innovative projects within the metaverse, exploring AI's role in virtual reality and immersive experiences.
  • Conferences: The team will organize and host high-profile AI conferences, bringing together global experts, industry leaders, and academics to share knowledge and insights.
  • Book: The team aims to publish a comprehensive book on ethical AI, delving into the complexities of AI development and its impact on society, while proposing responsible solutions.
  • Podcasts: The team will produce informative and engaging podcasts that delve into AI-related topics, featuring discussions with renowned experts, ethical considerations, and the latest advancements in the field.