Advocacy for compassion AI and Impact Investors Club during GAIA international conference

May 22, 2022
Advocacy for compassion AI and Impact Investors Club during GAIA international conference

Leading experts in AI and social responsibility gather at iMIND Institute conference on AI with compassion

On May 22, 2022, the iMIND Institute in Warsaw hosted a conference on AI with compassion, where experts in artificial intelligence and social responsibility shared their knowledge, experience and ideas.

Notable attendees from the world of business and science included:

Robert Kroplewski (member of the AI High Level Expert Group, founder of Kroplewski Law Office)

David Hanson (CEO of Hanson Robotics and creator of Sophia)

Nina Meyerhoff (President of the Children of the Earth Foundation and leader of One Humanity Institute)

Robert Ługowski (Board Member at European Business Angels Network)

Domen Kocevar (Co-founder at One Humanity Institute)

Edi Pyrek (Co-founder at GAIA and iMIND Institute)

Piotr Reisch (Co-founder at iMIND Institute and GAIA)

Mila Orlińska (CTO at GAIA, iMIND Institute and Hanson Robotics)

Mark Stahlman (President at the Center for the Study of Digital Life)

Damian Ciachorowski (CEO at GAIA)

Joanna Bensz (CEO at International Institute of Longevity)

Anna Marie Voorhoeve (Founder at the Hague Center for Global Governance)

Adrian Iacobus (Member at the Hague Center for Global Governance)

Rudradeb Mitra (Founder at Omdena)

Julian Żelaznowski (Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister)

Marcin Cząba (Story Archetypes Consultant at Flow Logic Studio)

Emilia Nadratowska-Cząba (Freelance writer)

Ralph Talmont (Author and Innovation Expert)

Monika Sacewicz (CEO at ApexNet)

Scott Eastman (Superforecaster at Good Judgment Inc..)

Seda Roeder (Founder of the Sonophilia Foundation)

Patrick McCollum (well-known peace negotiator and president at McCollum Foundation for Peace)

The Geffens (founders of Loving Classroom)

Compassion AI conference sparks action, calls for business involvement and global round table

The conference on compassion AI aimed to unlock the participants' full intellectual, creative, and emotional potential as they explored the possibilities and challenges of this rapidly growing field. Through lively debates, experts delved into the topic of AI with compassion and envisioned future research directions. The emphasis was on results and action, with attendees making concrete commitments, such as Patrick McCollum's offer to establish a global Round Table.

Robert Ługowski, COBIN Angels, stresses the need for proper support and business involvement in the development of AI with compassion. He supports creating an Impact Investors Club, recognizing that Poland still has much to do in this area.

“I am glad that we are probably the first in the world to deal with the topic of AI with compassion, which definitely goes beyond the ethical framework of artificial intelligence and is an answer to the contemporary needs and challenges of the entire large sector of new technologies related to artificial intelligence systems.” – he stated.

The organizers are continuing their efforts and will showcase their progress at the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz in September. In March 2023, they will host a Congress in Salzburg, where Round Table members from across the globe will convene for the first time at the Human & Society 2.0 event.

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