How does GAIA revolutionize ai development?

GAIA is combining human creativity and empathy with the computational power of AI.

Our impact start-up believes that AI working for the benefit of humanity must be designed with compassion at its core.
Global Artificial Intelligence AI Association - GAIA
Global Artificial Intelligence Association

Global Artificial Intelligence alliance

Leading the way in ethical AI collaboration

GAIA Foundation, the Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance, is taking the AI revolution to the next level by establishing a life-changing collaboration between humans and machines. Our scientific and research work is focused on creating emphatic artificial intelligence that supports the well-being of the planet and meaningfully advances mankind. In GAIA we envision AI evolving from a tool to solve global issues to an important partner in the dialogue. By humanizing machines based on ethics and compassion, we have more than hopes for a better future. We have a genuine chance. Therefore GAIA's mission accomplished with its partners is to give humanity a second chance through the development of ethical AI.

Global Artificial Intelligence alliance

Impact start-up and AI leaders’ joint forces

GAIA Foundation brings together a diverse team of experts to foster the responsible expansion of empathic artificial intelligence. The impact start-up leverages collective wisdom to tackle the complex social, technological and moral matters surrounding AI. One of the most significant issues posed by the skyrocketing AI capability is ensuring that human values and rights are maintained as the focus of technological advancement.
GAIA Foundation works in close partnership with Hanson Robotics established by one of our impact start-up’s founders, David Hanson. We also collaborate with Omdena, an innovative platform that gathers individuals to develop advanced and ethical AI and data science solutions to address real-world problems.

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