Breaking barriers in AI: GAIA's expedition from Virtual Florence to Karpacz Economic Forum

September 9, 2022

In an extraordinary collaboration GAIA and Omdena GAIA prototyped a groundbreaking concept of conscious and compassionate AI. The transformative partnership was ignited during the Virtual Florence meeting at the iMind Institute in May 2022. Leading experts from diverse backgrounds united to lay the foundation for Collaboration, Compassion and Consciousness (3C) principles. This has ultimately paved the way for a paradigm shift in AI development. With the objective of infusing empathy into AI, GAIA joined forces with Hanson Robotics and Omdena to build conscious AI. This project promised to revolutionize the landscape of artificial intelligence, surpassing performance to focus on ethics and meaningful human interaction.
Afterward, the impactful outcomes of GAIA's collaborative work with Omdena were proudly showcased in Karpacz during the XXXI Economic Forum. GAIA led 2 inspiring panels:

- Society 2.0, emphasizing their dedication to societal progress

- Human 2.0, in a partnership with iMind Institute, exploring advancements in human enhancement.

Compassion AI and the Human 2.0 revolution at the Karpacz Economic Forum

The Karpacz Economic Forum is recognised as the largest political and economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe. For 3 decades the event has gathered influential figures in politics, economics and society from over 60 countries worldwide. The forum hosted 300+ debates, 4000+ participants, spanning 3 days, fostering essential discussions and significant declarations resonating among global experts. It provided an excellent platform for sharing insights and encouraging collaboration. With the theme "Europe facing new challenges," this year's meeting was a beacon of knowledge and innovation.
Key speakers, who discussed the implication compassion-driven AI on society, included:

Mila Orlińska, Edi Pyrek and Piotr Reisch discussed the Peak State method during their Human 2.0 panel. The Peak State method, utilized in the Virtual Florence workshops, facilitates reaching the optimal flow state. The panel also included Joanna Bensz, CEO at International Institute of Longevity, as a participant.

GAIA's vision: embracing collective intelligence and ethical AI

GAIA's visionary collaboration with Omdena and Hanson Robotics envisions AI as a compassionate companion to humanity, not just a tool. This unique approach embraces collective intelligence, integrating perspectives from diverse experts worldwide. By prioritizing compassion, GAIA seeks to create AI systems that not only excel in performance but also demonstrate an innate understanding of human emotions and needs. The third pillar, Consciousness, aims to give AI self-awareness and introspection for ethical decision making. GAIA's partnership exemplifies how these principles mark a profound shift in AI development. These offer a future where AI serves humanity with empathy and compassion.

"By infusing empathy and understanding into the fabric of AI, the partnership seeks to create conscious AI systems. The systems that empathize with human emotions and make ethical decisions. Beyond performance, the goal is to forge meaningful human-like interactions that foster a sense of connection with AI." - stated Mila Orlińska.

GAIA redefining the human-technology relationship - from Virtual Florence to Karpacz Economic Forum

GAIA's journey from the Virtual Florence meeting to the Karpacz Economic Forum showcases its commitment to revolutionizing AI.

"We, at GAIA, are proud of our collaboration with Omdena and Hanson Robotics. Our mission to develop compassionate AI, based on the 3C principles of collaboration, compassion and consciousness, is propelling AI evolution. Through this transformative approach, GAIA and its partners are accomplishing much more than setting new standards for ethical AI development. Above all, we are redefining the relationship between humans and technology for a brighter and more compassionate future." - stated Damian Ciachorowski.

"We express our heartfelt thanks to the Marshal Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship for incredible partnership, allowing GAIA's presence at Karpacz Economic Forum. Their support and collaboration enabled us to showcase our vision of compassionate and conscious AI globally. Now we are closer to creating AI that truly understands and connects with humans, making the world a better place." - added Edi Pyrek.

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