GAIA at Trend House: joining AI innovators and investor

June 29, 2023

Trend House’s journey into blockchain, emerging technologies and GAIA’s Compassion AI

Imagine a place where innovators, creators and visionaries gather to shape the future - a hub for tech disruptors. That place is Trend House, an Innovation Ecosystem Clubhouse designed to inspire, connect and catalyze groundbreaking ideas. Trend House over recent years has emerged as a prominent place for leaders and entrepreneurs. It serves as a private space, designed to foster collaboration, build high-level relationships and nurture the competencies of the future. In its heart GAIA's founder, Edi Pyrek, took center stage, promoting the AI startup contest during Thursday Gathering. The "Join the Rebels!" contest, initiated by GAIA and Dictador, in an open invitation for individuals to collaborate in developing morally and ethically driven AI systems. It’s been recognised as another step in executing GAIA’s mission to create Compassion AI - empathizing with human emotions and needs. The total prize pool for the contest is 200,000 EUR and the submission deadline has been set to July 31.

Expanding horizons with GAIA at Thursday Gathering, Trend House

The Thursday Gathering brings together a diverse community of creators, investors, coworkers, students and visionaries. This flagship program provides an opportunity for serendipitous connections and intentional networking, leading to meaningful collaborations and transformative partnerships. Top keywords are as follows: unlocking an innovation and creating a positive change.

“While looking for a platform to promote GAIA’s ideas we aimed at finding a space where transformative collaborations can flourish. We deeply care not only about fostering high-level relationships but also about developing future competencies. Therefore Trend House, a catalyst for important conversations, inspiring the creation of a better future became our first choice. It’s more than just a physical space - it’s a source of inspiration. Its innovation ecosystem coupled with the Thursday Gathering events allows for knowledge exchange and collaborative endeavors. It’s been my pleasure to experience the power of collective knowledge and appreciate the value of inclusive and equitable connections.” - stated Edi Pyrek.

Building bridges and amplifying impact: GAIA Association and Alliance

The Thursday Gathering's vibrant atmosphere and stimulating discussions sparked valuable insights and revolutionary announcements for all participants. What was the unexpected and pivotal moment at Trend House that caught the public’s attention? An announcement that stirred excitement was the revelation of GAIA’s transition from an association to an alliance.

“We firmly believe that GAIA's strength lies in uniting diverse talents and resources, creating a dynamic ecosystem. The ecosystem that amplifies collective efforts and propels us towards an innovative and positive future. While collaborative networking through association is valuable, GAIA goes further by offering a strategic alliance. Through this alliance, we leverage collective strengths and shared visions to drive transformative change. By igniting dynamic cooperation we will remain committed to forging powerful partnerships to achieve our shared goals." - stated Damian Ciachorowski, GAIA’s CEO.

"Associations serve as a platform for like-minded individuals and organizations to come together, fostering networking and growth. What’s unique is that alliances ignite joint action, providing an opportunity to amplify impact and conquer new frontiers. We are reaching a realization that GAIA operates as an alliance. And this exciting thought will fuel our journey through time, inspiring us to explore new horizons." - added Edi Pyrek.

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