GAIA empowers AI Alignment Summit: ethical & compassionate AI quest

July 1, 2023

GAIA's visionaries drive the quest for ethical and compassionate AI at AI Alignment webinar

GAIA participated as panelists in the AI Alignment webinar, Humanity Rising Day 723,  organized by Ubiquity University on June 20th. “In search for an ethical and compassionate AI” aimed to address the crucial challenge of aligning AI with human interests. With the belief that high alignment is vital for a positive future, the webinar brought together experts from various disciplines. The interdisciplinary series of discussions explored AI alignment from multiple perspectives, bridging computer science with evolutionary biology, sociology, philosophy. Furthermore, insights from the wisdom tradition have been shared. This holistic approach aimed to shed light on the alignment of complex systems such as Language Models (LLMs). The objective was also to foster a deeper understanding of the ethical and compassionate aspects of AI. Participants focused on how to approach the LLMs alignment, explored novel ideas and strategies to ensure their ethical and compassionate behavior. The panelists included Edi Pyrek, GAIA’s founder and Mila Orlińska, GAIA’s CTO and iMind Institute founder.
The webinar featured moderators Georg Boch and Tom Eddington and Jim Garrison as co-convener.

Revitalizing education for global impact: Ubiquity University and Humanity Rising unite to transform crisis into opportunity

Ubiquity University is a global university for inner and outer regeneration offering 170+ courses and 20+ degrees. Its vast community consists of over 20000 individuals, with a network of 450+ graduates and collaborations with 1900+ organizations. Ubiquity's Integral Learning Design stands out with its uniqueness, offering a holistic approach to education that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Through this approach, Ubiquity activates every aspect of a human being and unlock the full potential of their students. The university demonstrates a strong commitment to tackling global issues by integrating the UNESCO competency framework. At the same time it aligns its sustainability and soft skills curriculums with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This strategic approach fosters c​​omprehensive and impactful education tailored to addressing pressing challenges.
Humanity Rising unites individuals and organizations to transform the pandemic crisis into opportunities for renewal and resilience. Through the Global Solutions Summit, Humanity Rising aims to foster international collaboration, translating meaningful conversations into impactful actions.

GAIA's inspiring contribution to Humanity Rising: sharing vision on empathic AI

Humanity Rising Day 723 focused on compassionate AI, recognizing AI alignment as crucial for our civilization's future. Artificial Intelligence alignment refers to the degree of harmony between AI's processing and behavior with human interests. This can significantly shape the AI trajectory and influence either a positive or dystopian future for humanity. Tom Eddington emphasized that ethics, compassion and love that govern human behavior will have a key role in AI evolution. Participating in Humanity Rising Day 723 was both an honor and a pleasure for GAIA. Mila Orlińska and Edi Pyrek joined a global conversation to voice their perspective and insight on the pressing topic of empathic AI. During the discussion, they stressed the importance of collective creativity and the need to enhance human capacity. GAIA’s visioners also highlighted the significance of combining the expertise of diverse multidisciplinary experts with the collective wisdom of the crowd. Furthermore, the necessity of utilizing tools that can elevate and unleash human potential have been underscored.

GAIA's commitment to action: going beyond conversation in the AI ecosystem

Edi Pyrek stated that when addressing the challenge of teaching AI with ethics, the initial question arises regarding the choice of ethics. The above is often influenced by culture and religion. However, a universal realization emerged that compassion serves as a common thread across all cultures. Developing compassionate AI presents a challenge in finding individuals who embody compassion. Pyrek further emphasized that a greater presence of compassionate individuals could help prevent climate catastrophes. He added that to create compassion AI, it is essential to first foster a compassionate world. While technology advances rapidly, human development lags behind, resulting in a lack of understanding of the tools we create. This highlights the importance of investing in both AI and technology as well as human potential, exemplified by the establishment of the iMind Institute.
Following this, Mila Orlińska elaborated on the transformative work of iMind Institute, utilizing neuroplasticity and peak experiences for human development. She confirmed that the GAIA ecosystem is designed for tangible action rather than mere conversation.

Humanity Rising and GAIA's joint pursuit of compassionate transformation

Humanity Rising Global Solution Summit and GAIA united in recognizing the pressing need for action. An insightful Mila Orlińska’s observation highlighted the detrimental impact of anxiety on society.
“The level of fear and anxiety in society increases dramatically from year to year. The problem is that when we are in a pure anxiety state, our cognitive function decreases. In fear we don’t cooperate, we just react and we want to respond. The best cure for fear of society is compassion - the antidote to collective fears.” - she stated.

Pyrek shed light on Virtual Florence, the Collective Intelligence Workshops, where ideas are shared and global challenges are addressed collaboratively. Fostering compassion-driven collaboration for positive societal transformation was stressed as crucial.

The conversation also explored how AI reshapes human neural wiring and the connection between technology and human brain structure.
The webinar wrapped up with the inspiring insight that compassion is at the core of our human nature.
AI Alignment complete webinar can be accessed at:

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