GAIA joins the international science conference celebrating Ervin Laszlo's 90th Birthday and regional sustainability

June 16, 2023

Celebrating Ervin Laszlo's legacy: GAIA's contribution to the "Goals for Mankind 1977-2022" conference in Budapest

GAIA participated in "Goals for Mankind 1977−2022” organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Club of Budapest. The science conference aimed at celebrating the 90th birthday of Ervin Laszlo, the Club’s founder and the Academy’s member. Lectures, discussions and wrap-ups explored sustainability, technology foresight, climate solutions and global economic aims. GAIA's contribution at the conference highlighted its dedication to promoting positive impact and ethical AI within the context of regional sustainability. The association shares the Academy’s and the Club’s commitment to innovative thinking and ethical solutions for the 21st-century challenges. Collaborating with Hungary's prestigious learned society and private creative community was a natural step towards driving positive change. Furthermore, Ervin Laszlo’s intellectual pursuits and remarkable accomplishments resonate with GAIA’s dedication to advancement and positive impact in the world.

“Goals for Mankind 1977-2022” was open to the public, with a live language interpretation available in English.

Exploring humanity's path: commemorating Ervin Laszlo's legacy and inspiring global change

The conference's opening ceremony and lectures at the Hungarian Academy of Science sparked engaging discussions. Speakers included János Szlávik, Sándor Kerekes and the esteemed Professor Ervin László himself. The event commemorated both his 90th birthday and the 45th anniversary of his renowned book. "Goals for Mankind" published in 1977 explores the challenges and aspirations of humanity in the context of the 20th and early 21st centuries. In the book, Laszlo presents a comprehensive vision for the future, addressing crucial global issues such as social, political, economic and ecological concerns. He delves into the need for a paradigm shift in human thinking and behavior. Advocating for a new set of goals and values that prioritize sustainability, cooperation and ethical decision-making have been strongly stressed. "Goals for Mankind" offers profound insights into the interconnectedness of global challenges and provides a roadmap for creating a more harmonious and equitable world.
Laszlo's work prompts readers to reflect on the pressing issues of our time and encourages individuals, organizations, and governments to work collectively towards a more sustainable and compassionate future.

Forging a path of Compassionate AI and transformative Solutions: GAIA's alignment with Ervin Laszlo's vision

The conference went beyond celebrating professor’s Laszlo's lifelong achievements and drawing inspiration from his visionary thinking. It also allowed GAIA to solidify its position as a key player in the global impact ecosystem. As an advocate for ethical and sustainable AI, Global Artificial Intelligence Association showcased its innovative approach with a powerful presentation. It demonstrated its roadmap for future activities and explained the concept of Compassion AI and the successful Collective Creativity implementation. Furthermore, the importance of integrating compassion AI and human intelligence were highlighted.

"Inspired by Ervin Laszlo's visionary work in 'Goals for Mankind,' GAIA embraces the imperative of compassionate AI and transformative solutions. We echoe professor Laszlo’s call for a radical shift in human mindset and actions. GAIA joins with great honor to forge a path of sustainability, cooperation and ethical choices, witnessing visionary convergence. Together, we pave the way for a compassionate and sustainable future through transformative actions and ideas.” - stated Edi Pyrek, GAIA’s founder.

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