GAIA to participate in AI for Good: the most anticipated AI and robotics event of the year

July 5, 2023

Revolutionary AI for Good global summit: uniting brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology in AI and robotics

GAIA is to participate in the most anticipated AI and robotics event of the year: AI for Good on 6-7 July in Geneva. This revolutionary two-day summit will unite the most brilliant intellects and cutting-edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. The latest edition of the United Nations global conference advancing AI to drive sustainable development brings together the brightest minds. Top AI experts, influential UN representatives and industry CxOs will share their knowledge and viewpoints on the essential role of AI in driving progress towards the UN SDGs. Over 80 speakers include David Hanson, Yuval Noah Harari, Lila Ibrahim, Stuart Russell, Joanna Shields, Ray Kurzweil, Werner Vogels and more. The AI for Good Global Summit will feature 9 humanoid social robots and over 50 specialized robots in a groundbreaking display. The robots will showcase capabilities ranging from fighting fires and delivering aid to providing healthcare and farming sustainably.

AI for Good: inspiring global dialogue on positive AI potential and SDG progress

The inaugural AI for Good event in 2017 initiated a global dialogue on the positive potential of AI. It aimed at identifying practical applications of AI to accelerate progress towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Special emphasis was placed on crucial areas such as addressing the climate crisis and enhancing humanitarian response. In 2023 a global summit returns to Geneva after 2 years, hosting participants from 183 countries for an in-person event. It is organized by ITU, the UN agency, in partnership with 40 sister agencies, co-convened with the Swiss government.This year's summit blends physical and virtual words, accommodating over 3000 participants in Geneva and online. The event prioritizes networking for fostering new projects, calls to action and collaborative partnerships. It also facilitates connections between AI innovators and decision-makers to scale AI global solutions. 2023 edition forms the world's largest AI event, uniting over 18000 members of AI for Good Neural Network.

AI and the transformation of humanity: aligning AI with human values for a better civilization

The AI for Good presents a captivating program that explores AI's impact on society and humanity. It pushes the boundaries of creativity, performance and artistic expression, provoking questions about the future of human-machine collaboration. The discussions will kick off with a focus on global AI governance, responsible AI policies and scenario planning. Following this, the potential of AI and science in solving global challenges is to be analyzed. Experts will also tackle the transformative power of AI and its alignment with human values to shape a better civilization. Yuval Noah Harari is to speculate on the future of humanity and address the profound impact of AI on culture, intimacy and the course of human history. Orly Lobel will elaborate on equality and inclusive automation, while Ray Kurzweil will challenge conventional intelligence norms, foreseeing AI's transformative era. The light will be also shed on the global applications of AI and UN SDGs related to climate, hunger and health. 

Revolutionizing the AI landscape: David Hanson to reveal GAIA’s groundbreaking initiatives 

As the inspiring AI for Good program unfolds, the stage will be taken by GAIA’s founder:  David Hanson supported by Edi Pyrek. He will unveil new objectives for the Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance, introducing groundbreaking initiatives. The new strategy holds a powerful potential to revolutionize the future AI landscape. Moving beyond the development of Compassion AI, GAIA aims to create a global, decentralized, open-source and inclusive artificial intelligence. The above will foster sustainable digital transformation for both the society and the business. Additionally, the announcement of GAIA Guardians, providing unprecedented support to the initiative, marks a significant milestone. With these advancements, the Global Alliance continues to redefine the boundaries of AI, paving the way for unprecedented possibilities. Mark your calendars for July 7th, when the trajectory of AI is set to take a transformative turn.

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