GAIA's next step toward AI with compassion

May 22, 2022
GAIA's next step toward AI with compassion

Compassion AI - the answer to major global challenges

The 21st century faces epidemics, migrations, global warming, armed conflicts, and poverty-wealth contrast, posing great civilizational challenges. With the AI revolution an urgent question arises: How can AI be used for the benefit of humanity? How can artificial intelligence be used ethically? What are the ethical implications and the potential for its misuse? These were the major issues addressed by experts at the international conference organized by the Global Artificial Intelligence Association (GAIA). The event marked the next step forward in advancing its mission of creating Compassion AI. Polish, European and US representatives attended a three-day workshop conducted using the iMIND Institute’s innovative method based on Collective Creativity. iMind Institute’s solutions such as neurofeedback, sensory deprivation and Sonora allowed the participants to put themselves into Peak States. The goal of Peak States Technology used was to enhance human performance and potential by inducing optimal states of consciousness. The method, along with exercises supporting intuitive and creative thinking, uncovered a new quality in the experts' discussions and ideas. It led to an expansion in the scope and depth of the participants’ knowledge and perspectives.

Peak States Technology unlocks human potential and creativity

Key outcomes presented during the workshops included:

  • Establishing a comprehensive definition of compassion which will be refined to form a definition of Compassion AI. This definition will serve as the foundation for an algorithm to be developed.
  • Creating a list of six innovative products and applications based on a series of questions and challenges posed by participants and experts.  Those included Gregg Braden, Jude Currivan and David Hanson, to name just a few. Following further refinement, the organizers will seek funding to support the development of these products during future collective creativity sessions.
  • Introducing the concept of a Round Table. The Round Table is a forum for dialogue and collaboration between representatives from various fields, including spiritual, scientific, business and technological.
  • Launching a research project focused on the creation of Compassion AI. Over 50 AI engineers will collaborate on this project, which is set to begin on July 7th and will span eight weeks. The aim of the project is to lay the groundwork for the development of Compassion AI.
  • Developing an innovative method for generating questions, solutions and products. The above will enable the organizers to leverage collective creativity in a more structured and efficient manner.
  • Establishing a roadmap for the next steps in GAIA's development and providing a clear plan for future initiatives and endeavors.

The workshop concluded with a hybrid conference, where participants from around the world shared their comments and insights. 

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