Center for the Study of Digital Life

The Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL) is a strategic research group dedicated to understanding the effects of digital technologies on individuals, cultures and geo-political Spheres.  CSDL believes that we are already in new paradigm, driven by Digital technology.  This new psycho-technological environment generates both a new sensibility and new institutions, as well as new sciences.  Our “Inner Senses” have already shifted from behaviors and attitudes oriented to Fantasy to ones that emphasize Memory -- as our psyches mimic the internal structures of this new technology.  With the previous “globalism” now replaced by Three Spheres: East, West and Digital, the dangers of conflict have increased substantially.   Humanity is at a significant cross-roads and we will need to work collectively to confront  these new challenges.


GAIA starts Think Tank which brings together geniuses from around the world

We are passionate about many very different disciplines. As dreamers and practitioners from different worlds, we fight for good times for ourselves and future generations. Among us there are scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and politicians who perceive reality in different ways. GAIA creates a Think Tank...
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GAIA at the AI webinar at the Polish Embassy in Sweden

Challenges, barriers and expectations related to the development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland and Sweden - these are the topics of the webinar organized by the Polish Embassy in Stockholm on November 9. The GAIA Foundation was represented by Damian Ciachorowski.
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We are starting a project regarding the Endowment Capital

The National Institute of Freedom - Center for the Development of Civil Society selected six organizations from over 150 applications, each of which received half a million zlotys in funding under the Civic Organizations Development Program. Among these selected initiatives was our organization - GAIA.
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