The Hague Center

The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence

The Hague Center (THC) exists to help align necessary resources for the current human and planetary transition and focusses on international societal challenges whose complexity requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

THC serves the emergence of heart-centered governance on a planetary scale. Coalescing Authority, Power and Influence (CAPI-Adizes), THC strategically connects and catalyses visionary global and local initiatives with the greater movement of global transformation toward humanity thriving in Life and Love.

Phenomenological research in The Hague Center for Field Inquiry informs the work of THCs team members, who are based in Europe, Egypt, Canada.

The Hague Center offers services through THC Consult. We serve the emergence of heart-centered ways of working together on complex issues in the conscious business and global governance sectors.

Our gift is strategically connecting and catalysing visionary initiatives, for example through Meshworking: designing and facilitating multistakeholder trajectories, and Strategic Coaching: to support and potentialise leaders over each phase of complex impact projects.

We would be delighted to work with you, weaving elements like the following :

- Regular facilitated coaching and consulting to open possibilities and leverage points and transform challenges and dynamics

- Application of our knowledge and extensive experience around values systems, regenerative design, social architecture and more to your context to tap into the wisdom there is.

- Access to our strategic connections and stakeholders

- Using our understanding of the invisible context and powers at play to advance projects

As THC ers we act as a trusted source and maintain authenticity and neutrality.

The Hague Center is rooted in a unitive narrative, acknowledging the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life.